Iron Maiden Sound Board Collection 1995-1998 4CD

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Title was compiled SBD sound source from the Blaze Bailey enrolled at the time of 1995 up to 98 years. First disc: Tel Aviv concert September 30, 1995 to 1, from on-air for the master in stereo · SBD. Continued disc: Glasgow performances of the same year November 1, Gothenburg and 5 days to 2, here also the official level in stereo · SBD. These are also included in the mix difference that has been adopted in the official single B-side and "THE BEST OF THE BEAST" and the like, also the official unreleased number. And in disc3 & 4 from the "VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR", the Stockholm concert of September 25, 1998, than on-air for the master. Although not a complete, powerful direct sound from the mix console is perfect score.

Disc 1: 1. DJ Intro 2. Man On The Edge 3. Wrathchild 4. Heaven Can Wait 5. Lord Of The Flies 6. Fortunes Of War 7. Blood On The World's Hands 8. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 9. The Evil That Do 10. The Men Aftermath 11. The Sign Of The Cross 12. Hallowed Be Thy Name 13. The Trooper 14. DJ Outro
[Live At Cinerama Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel 30th September 1995]

Disc 2: 1. Man On The Edge 2. Wrathchild 3. Heaven Can Wait 4. Lord Of The Flies 5. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 6. The Evil That Men Do 7. The Aftermath 8. Sign Of The Cross 9. Iron Maiden
[Live At Karen, Gothenburg, Sweden 1st November 1995]
10. Man On The Edge 11. Wrathchild 12. Heaven Can Wait 13. Lord Of The Flies 14. Fortunes Of War
[Live At Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland 5th November 1995]

Disc 3: 1. Futureal 2. The Angel &  The Gambler 3. Man On The Edge 4. Lightning Strikes Again 5. Heaven Can Wait 6. The Clansman 7. When Two Worlds Collide 8. Lord Of The Flies 9. 2 Minutes To Midnights
Disc 4: 1. The Educated Fool 2. Sign Of The Cross 3. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 4. Hallowed Be Thy Name 5. The Evil That Men Do 6. Fear Of The Dark 7. Iron Maiden
[Live At Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 25th September 1998]