Moonchild Records The Rolling Stones Surrey Rehearsals B Cover 1CD

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February 21 to March 14, 1968 Studio Rehearsal Recordings
Stray Cat Blues (Instrumental) / Jam # 1 / Stray Cat Blues Riff & Guitar Noodling) / Unknown Song (With Off Mic Vocals) / Jumping Jack Flash (Early Embryonic Instrumental take) / Jam # 2 / Short Jam / Hold On I ' m Coming (With Off Mic Vocals) / Rock Me Baby (With Off Mic Vocals) / My Home (With Off Mic Vocals) / Is A Prison / Slow Blues Jam / Phone Ringing Jam / River Deep Mountain High (With Off Mic Vocals) / Interview With MJ. CW and Jimmy Miller By NME Jurnalist Keith Altham