Queen Video Collection Deluxe Edition Blu Ray Set

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Track List

Keep Yourself Alive (Promo Video 1973) / Liar (Live at The Rainbow 1974) / Son And Daughter (Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1975) / White Queen (As It Began) (Live at The Rainbow 1974) / Ogre Battle (Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1975) / Seven Seas Of Rhye (Live at Wembley Stadium 1986) / Killer Queen (Top of the Pops 1974) / Stone Cold Crazy (Live at The Rainbow 1974) / Now I'm Here (Live at The Forum, Montreal 1981) / Bohemian Rhapsody (Original Promo Video - No Flames Version) / Seaside Rendezvous (30th Anniversary Version 2005) / Love Of My Life (Live at The Milton Keynes Bowl 1982) / Somebody To Love (Promo Video) / You Take My Breath Away (Live at Earls Court 1977) / Tie Your Mother Down (Live at Milton Keynes Bowl 1982) / We Will Rock You (Queen Rocks 1998) / My Melancholy Blues (Live at The Summit, Houston 1977) / Sheer Heart Attack (Live at The Hammersmith Odeon 1979) / Bicycle Race (Studio Promo Video) / Fat Bottomed Girls (Live at Milton Keynes Bowl 1982) / Let Me Entertain You (Live at Budokan, Japan 1979) / Flash (Alternative Promo Video 1981) / Flash (Vanguard Remix Promo Video 2003) / Flash / The Hero (Live at Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paolo, Brazil 1981) / Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Saturday Night Live 1982) / Vocal Improvisation / Dragon Attack (Live at Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paolo, Brazil 1981) / Save Me (Live at Seibu Stadium, Japan 1982) / Under Pressure (Rah Mix Promo Video 1999) / Las Palabras de Amor (Top of the Pops 1982) / Action This Day (Live at The Milton Keynes Bowl 1982) / Radio Ga Ga (Extended Promo Video) / Tear It Up (Live at Wembley Stadium 1986) / I Want To Break Free (Live In Rio 1985) / One Vision (Extended Version Promo Video) / Princes Of The Universe (Promo Video) / A Kind Of Magic (Live at Wembley Stadium 1986) / I Want It All (Promo Video) / The Making Of 'The Miracle' / The Making Of 'The Miracle' Album Cover / Innuendo (Alternate Promo Video) / These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Alternate Animated Promo Video) / Mad In The Making - The Making Of 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' / Too Much Love Will Kill You (Heartache Promo Video 1995) / Heaven For Everyone (Promo Video) / A Winter's Tale (Outside-In Alternate Promo Video)

・ Run Time 190 minutes
・ Quality:8-9(MAX10)
・ OriginalEdit
・ Blu-Ray Rdisc/Region Codes:ALL